Fade to Light

Fade to Light (Brown, Thad - 2019)


Tetraploid 31”, Mid Late Season, Semi-dormant, 6”, 3 way branching, 20-22 buds. Fertile both ways. Rebloom


(Great White x Roger Herr)


What makes this daylily so special is that it’s a ‘color changer’. The large 6” flowers sit neatly above straight upright scapes that are well branched. The magic starts out in the morning with blooms opening as a Peach blend with an orange to gold throat. As the day progresses and evening approaches the color fades magically to a soft glowing flesh color nearing white with an orange throat and edge. The color changing blooms of FADE TO LIGHT have an iridescence about them that make them ‘glow’ in the evening light. Plants are modest increasers and hardy in Zone 6.

Peachy Punch

Peachy Punch (Brown,Thad - 2019)


Tetraploid 28”, Early-Mid Season, dormant, 4.75”, 3 way branching, 13-15 buds. Fertile both ways. Rebloom.


(Rock Solid x Gretchen Apps)


With rapid rebloom this daylily was the energizer bunny of the garden. The blooms are peach with a lavender purple eye and lavender and gold edge. The gold throat gives the whole bloom a vibrant glow. The modest 4.75” flowers sit neatly above straight, upright scapes that are well branched. There may not be a heavy bud count, but that is surpassed by the extreme number of scapes it throws up. PEACHY PUNCH is a dormant plant that is a vigorous increaser and hardy in Zone 6.

Purple Scorpion

Purple Scorpion (Brown, Thad - 2019)


Tetraploid 31”, Mid Season, Dormant, 6.5”, 3 way branching, 17-20 buds. Fertile both ways.


(Purple Badger x Vampire Fish)


The large 6.5” Flowers of PURPLE SCORPION are a rich purple with a faint grape colored band. The petals are fully surrounded in “stinger-like” teeth, fangs, and claws of gold and silver tones! The color explodes into the center of the bloom with a vibrant lemon and chartreuse throat adding a glow. Flowers are held on sturdy, nicely branched scapes of about 31”. The plant habit is dormant. Nice clean blue-green foliage especially in the early spring. PURPLE SCORPION is vigorous , hardy and increases nicely in our zone 6 garden. With Vampire Fish in its lineage , those looking to breed for teeth won’t want to miss this one.